Highest Standards

At Ellesco we set the highest standards to take care of our customers, ensuring every request is dealt with in the most efficient way possible. We want you to be satisfied with your machine, but also feel you can rely on us afterwards.


Ellesco’s warehouse has a variety of new and used machines, in stock, and ready for delivery or trial, but if it’s not in our stock list it doesn’t mean we are unable to supply it. Please contact us if you require a specific machine that’s not on our stock list.


Our machines supply solutions for many problems throughout the metal and manufacturing industries. But we can also put your mind at ease with our service contracts after you have purchased a machine.


Our team of fully qualified engineers are here to help you. Providing full support for training on newly installed machines, and engineering support with our service contracts – enabling a smooth installation and service throughout.

Our Services

Reassure yourself that with our machines, you will be provided with the support and help you need before and after installation.



Stock Machines

Whether you’re looking for a new or mechanically reconditioned machine, we can help – take a look at our latest list of machines in stock.




View our latest videos and see our machines at work – machines in stock are also available for trial.



Machine Solutions

At Ellesco, our talented professional team is here for you for 24/7.

Providing high quality service and expertise.


Supplying a wide range of machines to debur your metal parts after cutting. Ellesco understands how to achieve a clean smooth finish every time, taking into account the material, cutting process and speed required.


From graining to weld dressing, Ellesco offers state of the art machines to ensure that your end result is always a consistently high quality product, every time.

Edge Radiussing

Edge radiussing is an important part of the manufacturing process, in addition to preparing your component for the next stage, it ensures the safety of manufacturers – something we take very seriously.


Calibrating using our wide belt machines from Timesavers is cost effective, and still produces a similar finish to grinding. Making this an ideal machine to reduce the thickness of your components with precision.


Our polishing machines can be supplied for flat sheet or widely varying shaped components. At Ellesco our fully automated machines can deliver the high quality but always consistent finish every time for every component.


Having an exclusive partnership in the UK with PEMTec for its Precision Electro Chemical Machining solutions ensures we can provide the best systems to aid cutting, shaping and removing excess materials.

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